The Livermore Class Picture Archive

Pictures of Livermore kids of the past with their classmates, friends, teammates, and other associates

Why build a class picture archive on the web? Most of us have very few pictures of our childhood friends and associates. The pictures exist, but they are few and scattered. The world wide web offers us the means to collect these pictures and share them with each other.

How to view the pictures in the archive: Please go the the contents page and choose a category (such as "class pictures" or "team pictures") to view a page of links to the pictures on this site. Class pictures are indexed by school and by year of high school graduation. Or go to the search page and search for your name or the name of a friend.

How to submit your pictures to the archive: Please see Guidelines for Submitting Pictures to the Livermore Class Picture Archive (revised 6 March 2002).

The forum: I set up a forum for this picture archive on the Delphi Forums website. Each picture will have a discussion devoted to it in the forum. If you would like to comment on one of the pictures, you can post a message to the corresponding discussion. You will find a link to the corresponding discussion on the page containing the picture. Access to the forum is free, but if you want to post messages to the forum you have to register with Delphi. Delphi has a three-tiered membership structure: DelphiPlus, Advanced, and Basic. The Basic membership is free and is all you need to read and post messages on the forum. If you do not want to register with Delphi, you can still read what others have posted in the forum by logging in as "guest".

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