Mary's Nursery School, Livermore, CA, M-W-F afternoon session, 1963-1964

Picture 1
On top (left to right): 1. Matt Hamm (sitting on a rung, in a striped shirt and shorts), 2. Brian McFann (standing on a rung), 3. Paul Hurdlow (behind McFann), 4. Brian Odell (sitting on the top rung).
Part way up: 1. Lisa Tveitmoe (climbing with her back to the camera), 2. John Heron (standing partway up, in a striped shirt and jacket).
At ground level: 1. Roger Cecil, 2. Leah Fairbrother, 3. Matt Bandtel, 4. Beth Jordan.
From the collection of Roger Cecil.
Picture 2
Left to right: 1. Steve Taylor, 2. Lori Trublood, 3. Paul Hurdlow, 4. Leah Fairbrother? (holding doll), 5. Lisa Tveitmoe.
From the collection of Roger Cecil.
Picture 3
Picnic and story time
Paul Hurdlow (on the left with his finger in his mouth), Barbara Mills (behind and to the right of Paul), Mark Marion (behind and to the right of Barbara, holding something in front of him), Brian McFann (on the far right), Steve Tracy (behind McFann, in the striped shirt), Brian Odell (behind and to the left of McFann), Roger Cecil (in back, on the right side of the picture, in a striped shirt and sweater, with his hand in his face), and I am guessing that the blonde girl to the left of Roger is Lisa Tveitmoe. The woman in the upper right corner of the picture is Patty Cruff.
From the collection of Brian McFann.
Picture 4
Same picnic, different view.
Jon Tullis is sitting in Patty's lap.
From the collection of Roger Cecil.
Picture 5
The bar was installed during the year and we spread hay underneath.
From the collection of Roger Cecil.
Picture 6
Left to right: 1. John Heron (with the wheelbarrow), 2. Barbara Mills, 3. unidentified (with his back to the camera), 4. unidentified (looking to the left), 5. unidentified (adult being buried in the hay).
From the collection of Roger Cecil.
Picture 7
Paul Hurdlow is in the foreground. The kid sitting down in the back might be Brian McFann. The boy on the bar, facing the camera, in the striped shirt, is Matt Hamm. Catherine Ratcliffe thinks the girl hanging from the bar is her sister, Jean Ratcliffe.
From the collection of Brian McFann.
Picture 8
Janice Wong and Mary Maenchen playing, Paul Hurdlow is climbing the structure behind them, while John Heron operates the "diggerator".
From the collection of Roger Cecil.


The pictures were submitted by Brian McFann and Roger Cecil. Thanks to Matt Hamm, Catherine Ratcliffe, Barbara (Mills) Nelson, Hugh Cecil, Roger Cecil, Margie (Kirschbaum) Mitchell, Brian Odell, Howie Marion, and Mary Maenchen for identifying the kids in these pictures.


If you can identify any of the unidentified or misidentified people in the picture, or if you would like to share a memory related to the picture, please post a message in the forum discussion of this picture or write to the webmaster.

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Class lists:

These class lists were supplied by Mary Maenchen.

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