Mary's Nursery School

Mary's Nursery School opened in the Sunday School room of the new Unitarian Church in a duplex on North "K" St., Livermore, in 1959. After a few years the school moved to a duplex on Livermore Ave. This was just around the block from the "K" St. duplex. In March 1963, the kids and teachers moved the school by "wagon train" to the house on Park Street. The school closed in 1980.

Picture of the school
The front of the Park Street house.
Picture of the chickens
Olive Oil with chicks.
Charlie the tortoise. Charlie was found by Mary Tullis (a teacher with Mary's Nursery school) walking down a street in Livermore. She brought Charlie to the school and an ad was placed in the paper, but no one answered. Later it was discovered that Charlie was a she. Charlie stayed at Mary's for many years.
The rabbit
Patty Cruff with the rabbit.

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