Eighth grade class of 1951, St Michaels School

Class Picture
Top row (left to right): Marie Ferrario, Robert Regalia, Barbara Reynolds, Russell Hansen, Jean DeVor, John Stanley, Sylvia Calhoun, Robert Stefanoni.
Second row: Raynel Maestas, Mary Lou Callaghan, Dennis Reidy, Darlene Hachmann, Richard Dickinson, Canice Recktenwald, James Lacourcierce, Bernice Etheridge.
Third row: Annabeth Rehder, Clarence Hicks, Mary Wood, Laurence Campiotti, Nina Concannon, John Biasatti, Eleanor Cernusco, Richard Guasco.
Fourth row: Phillip Deitz, Warren Mermilliod, Robert Santos, Jay Michelis.
Credits: From the collection of Mary (Wood) Fallin.


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