Mrs Noonan's first grade class, St Michael's School, 1975-1976

Class Picture
Top row (left to right): 1. Diane Barnhouse, 2. Christopher Carrano, 3. Diane Ratto, 4. Anthony Montez, 5. Sheila Street, 6. Gene McKamey, 7. Michelle Kolster.
Second row: 1. Paul Concannon, 2. Laurie McVay, 3. Marc Rodriguez, 4. Julie Wyld, 5. Donald Maxey, 6. Heather Williamson, 7. Brian Anklam.
Third row: 1. unidentified, 2. Thomas Orlando, 3. Danielle Quillin, 4. Dirk Chonzena, 5. Danielle Deglman, 6. Christopher Dolan, 7. Andree Enos.
Fourth row: 1. Jeffrey Nellis, 2. Margaret Shebelut, 3. Steven Fowler, 4. Christine Thomsen, 5. Kevin Avila, 6. Nadine Valero, 7. James Cooper.
Fifth row: 1. Jacqueline Guillory, 2. Glen Pettibone, 3. Lina Tortolero, 4. Rodney Alemania, 5. Traci Laufenberg, 6. unidentified, 7. Elizabeth Snow.
Sixth row: 1. Richard Gandolfo, 2. Norman Klino, 3. Marc Conover, 4. Eric Edmundson, 5. Steven Gerigk.
Seventh row: 1. Monsignor R. G. Adams, 2. Sister Emmanuel (Principal), 3. Mrs Irene Noonan, 4. unidentified.
Credits: From the collection of Jim Street. Thanks to Jim Street and Debbie McVay-Aldous for identifying the kids in the picture.


If you can identify any of the unidentified or misidentified people in the picture, or if you would like to share a memory related to the picture, please post a message in the forum discussion of this picture or write to the webmaster.

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