Mrs Noonan's first grade class, St Michael's School, 1976-1977

Class Picture
Top row (left to right): 1. Mauricio Prado, 2. Julie Larson, 3. Frank Cruz, 4. Susan Wainwright, 5. Matthew Matuska, 6. Lynette Shonyo, 7. Christopher Pirosko.
Second row: 1. Cathy Brown, 2. Daniel Happe, 3. Arlene Schauer, 4. Todd DeSantis, 5. Corinne Daniels, 6. Matthew Fojut, 7. Theresa Setzer.
Third row: 1. John Bossler, 2. Christina Lurton, 3. David Hauck, 4. Emily Stocking, 5. Anthony Sarboraria, 6. Beth Snow, 7. Ricky Reitz.
Fourth row: 1. Anne Scagliotti, 2. Matthew Irwin, 3. Jennifer Janzen, 4. Jeffrey Gonsalves, 5. Maura Street, 6. Scott Carrano, 7. Jeanne Marie Maldarelli.
Fifth row: 1. Peter Saccullo, 2. Theresa Torrez, 3. Ronald Graber, 4. Victoria O'Reilly, 5. James Keller, 6. Lance Pontrelli, 7. James Kell.
Sixth row: 1. Lynn Riera, 2. Nicholas Lanier, 3. David Galles, 4. Kevin Avila.
Seventh row: 1. Monsignor R. G. Adams, 2. Sister M. Emmanuel, O.P., 3. Mrs. Noonan, 4. Daniel VanBuren.
Credits: From the collection of Jim Street.


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