Sister Leo's third grade class, St Michael's School, 1976-1977

Class Picture
Top row (left to right): 1. John Ueland, 2. Brian LeBow, 3. Ernest Janzen, 4. Ann Scullion, 5. unidentified, 6. Aileen Theile, 7. John Eichhorn.
Second row: 1. Casey Bradley, 2. Scott Skeith, 3. Laurie Shonyo, 4. Carlos Moreno, 5. Denise Nelson, 6. Ronnie Larson, 7. Rachel Stocking.
Third row: 1. David Iverson, 2. Liz Irwin, 3. David Graber, 4. Debbie Montez, 5. Greg Daniels, 6. Jayme Street, 7. James O'Reilly.
Fourth row: 1. Debbie Hauck, 2. Todd Cannizzaro, 3. Teresa Walser, 4. Michael Smith, 5. Alicea Nellis, 6. Matt Acamo, 7. Kim Mole.
Fifth row: 1. Michael Jaramillo, 2. Darrin Graber, 3. Daniel Flores, 4. Colleen Petoletti, 5. Ricky Gonsalves, 6. Sheri Clark, 7. Ricky Novotny.
Sixth row: 1. James McKenna, 2. Greg Veon, 3. Chris Larson, 4. Curtis Gazzaway, 5. Daniel Volponi.
Seventh row: 1. Monsignor R.G. Adams, 2. Sister M. Emmanuel, O.P., 3. Sister M. Leo, O.P., 4. Michael Jackson.
Credits: Submitted by Jim Street.


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