Seventh grade football team, East Ave School, 1971-72

team picture
Front row (left to right): 1. Jesse Guymon, 2. Dan Davis, 3. Pete Newell, 4. Bunky Turner, 5. Bill Dougherty, 6. Brian Odell, 7. Dave West, 8. Joe Paulo, 9. Cary Dean, 10. Brian Faust, 11. Jeff Bernacil.
Second row: 1. Brian Rotsten, 2. Danny Nigg, 3. Jim Pearson, 4. Dave Paulo, 5. Doug Miller, 6. Sean North, 7. Jeff Lima, 8. Eric Jellinghausen, 9. Bruce Joder, 10. Tim Floyd (manager).
Third row: 1. Chuck DePaoli (coach), 2. Jeff Benton, 3. Brad Capri, 4. Hans Aaland, 5. Jay Mullins, 6. Jeff Howard, 7. Brian McFann, 8. Tim Palmer, 9. Mark Tewes, 10. Ken Fordyce, 11. Bob Tarte, 12. John Cole, 13. Wes Morgan, 14. Jeff Burke, 15. Mike Moran, 16. unidentified, 17. Rick Gildea, 18. Dave Correia.
Not in the picture or not identified: Jim Leigh, Jody Moniz, Fred McMillen, Bill Vierra, Don Walmsey, Mike Williams.
Credits: From the collection of Brian McFann. Thanks to Brian Rotsten, Bruce Joder, and SallyMarie (Ritchie) Slaughter for helping to identify the people in the picture.


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Newspaper articles:

The above picture was taken for a newspaper article. Here is an excerpt from the article:

The East story is somewhat different. Leading the way for women's liberation on the seventh grade level, coach Chuck DePaoli enlisted the services of two co-eds, for his managers this season.

Dependable Tim Floyd, equipment man, was assisted through the year by his sister Kim Floyd and Michelle Myers, a first in the school's history.

The three had quite a team watch as East literally bowled over opponents during the year en route to its championship.

Using four scatbacks--Dave and Joe Paulo, Cary Dean and Pete Newell--the champs were very successful on the ground, effectively using an old-fashioned style of play.

Quarterbacking the offensive unit most of the year was big Rick Gildea, a scrambling Roman Gabriel-mold individual. He was hurt prior to the team's final two games, both big ones, and the job went to all-around Bill Dougherty. His faking and handoff knowledge, plus the aggressive action from Dean and Dave Paulo at the wings, triggered East over its final two opponents and into the throne room.

Counterplays and a great offensive line did the job in crucial situations. Doing the job up front were huge tackles Wade Andrade and Mark Tewes. DePaoli also utilized three alternating guards in Jeff Bernacil, Eric Jellinghausen and Dave Correia.

Defensively, East was blessed with a quick and mobile line that penetrated quickly. Hans Aaland and Tim Palmer were the ends whose tough job was containment as well as stopping the run.

In the middle were Andrade, the team's only consistant two-way performer; Bill Viera, Jim Pearson, ....

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