Eighth grade graduating class, Livermore Grammar School, 1940

class picture
Front row (left to right): 1. Wayne Smith, 2. David Irvine, 3. Isabella Loyolla, 4. Virginia Luserata, 5. Alice Thorne, 6. Louise Nissen, 7. Jack Ferrario, 8. Betty Jordan, 9. Hazel Thompson, 10. Theodore Kruse, 11. Jack Anderson, 12. Richard Saylor, 13. Albert Madeiros, 14. Marvin Grisel, 15. Chris Cragholm.
Second row: 1. Mervin Frydendahl, 2. Charles Bodemer, 3. Mildred Lenn, 4. Kathleen Valdick, 5. Dorothy Faria, 6. Rose Marie Jerrick, 7. Josephine George, 8. Marie Rogers, 9. Helen Moomau, 10. Ruth Rose, 11. Wilda Paulsen, 12. Don Fisher, 13. Bob Forney, 14. Leroy Jensen, 15. Eddie Cruz.
Third row: 1. Howard Barton, 2. George Langnese, 3. June Harper, 4. Barbara Jackson, 5. Norma Lamee, 6. Elizabeth Wagner, 7. Zita Fehrenbach, 8. Nadine Sobrero, 9. Virginia Thompson, 10. Wanda Rae Zimmer, 11. Eloise Spencer, 12. William Drybread, 13. Teddy Hildreth, 14. Ernest Borges, 15. Henry Nunes.
Fourth row: 1. Arnold Silva, 2. Robert Volponi, 3. Bobby Holm, 4. Carlos Dagnan, 5. Jack Baird, 6. Joan Isensee, 7. Nella Albo, 8. Erwin Meuller, 9. Isabel Bonne, 10. Alfred Alviso, 11. Dolores Cerruti, 12. Jean Suits, 13. Charles Cain, 14. Delbert Brown, 15. Robert Grosser, 16. Robert Jansen, 17. Rufus Andrade, 18. George Cragholm, 19. Grady Glenn.
Not in the picture: 1. David Barton, 2. Bobby Becklund, 3. Donald Jason, 4. Billy Mack.
Credits: From the collection of Richard Saylor. Original photograph by Elliot Dopking. Names were taken from the caption of a nearly identical picture that was published in the Livermore Herald, 4 June 1940, page 8.


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