Mrs. Olivotti's kindergarten class, Jackson Avenue School, 1964-1965

class picture
Top row (left to right): 1. unidentified, 2. Mrs. Olivotti, 3. Mark Dasher, 4. unidentified, 5. unidentified, 6. unidentified, 7. unidentified, 8. unidentified.
Second row: 1. unidentified, 2. unidentified, 3. no picture, 4. no picture, 5. no picture, 6. no picture, 7. Kathy Honour, 8. Tom Silvey.
Third row: 1. unidentified, 2. unidentified, 3. Joel Hicks, 4. unidentified, 5. Mark Clarin, 6. Wendy Badger, 7. Charlie Apkins, later known as Charlie Hegarty, 8. unidentified.
Fourth row: 1. Kirsten Wood, 2. unidentified, 3. unidentified, 4. no picture, 5. Kevin Phillips ?, 6. Cliff Bloom, 7. Danny Meseke, 8. unidentified.
Credits: From the collection of Kathryn (Honour) Stewart. We are hoping to get a better scan of this picture from her some day. Thanks to Mark Clarin for helping to identify the kids in the picture.


If you can identify any of the unidentified or misidentified people in the picture, or if you would like to share a memory related to the picture, please post a message in the forum discussion of this picture or write to the webmaster.

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