Mr Tarin's sixth grade class, Jackson Avenue School, 1971-1972

Top row (left to right): 1. unidentified, 2. Bob Thompson, 3. unidentified, 4. Wally West, 5. unidentified, 6. Kurt or Karl Peters, 7. Trina Webster, 8. Dan Short, 9. unidentified.
Second row: 1. unidentified, 2. Richard Howell, 3. Sandy Owens, 4. Jeff Gregory, 5. unidentified, 6. Brian Springer, 7. Linda Jenkins, 8. unidentified, 9. Nancy Coronado.
Third row: 1. Valerie ??, 2. Cindy Alviso, 3. Mike Clary, 4. Sandy Strain, 5. Tim Frary, 6. Trina Sandoval, 7. James ??, 8. Lois Johnson, 9. Doug Higby.
Fourth row: 1. Mr Tarin, 2. Hillary Ham, 3. unidentified, 4. Denise Bond, 5. no picture, 6. Alexis Horton, 7. unidentified, 8. unidentified, 9. Mr Larson.
Credits: From the collection of Ron Simmons. We have only the JPEG displayed on this page. If you have a copy of this picture, please scan it for the archive. Thanks to Michael Cerruti and Sandy Strain-Jackson for identifying the kids in the picture.


If you can identify any of the unidentified or misidentified people in the picture, or if you would like to share a memory related to the picture, please post a message in the forum discussion of this picture or write to the webmaster.

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