Variety show, Livermore High School, 21 April 1944

Variety Show Program
Friday Evening, April 21, 1944
Band SelectionsMilitary Escort, Activity, Project, Safety
Camp Beale---Arrival of WAC Recruits; First Drill; Three Weeks Later.
Drill and Danish Gymnastics---
Lorene AndersenGymnastics Leader
Jack FerrarioSergeant
Stanley SerpaMess Sergeant
John HaileyBugler
R.O.T.C. Members 
Manual of Arms ---Comp'ny 'Tention Skit.
Sergeant Palookie, a tough non-comRobert Albertini
Boopydoop, a dusky soldier from Bu'm in 'hamJoe Concannon
Corporal Scram, a sissy corporalConnie Frydendahl
Cohen, a Jewish buck privateArt Henry
MessengerBob Kastner
Military FinaleMilitary Escort, Band
"Then, Now, Forever," with entire military cast,
This song was written especially in honor of our Army, using the famous Army Slogan.
Anthony Scott and His OrchestraTheir Own Selection
Skit---"If Men Acted in Barber Shops as Women Do in Beauty Parlors"
Bob KastnerA Customer
Donald BaxterAnother Customer
Merrill GrothThe Barber
Charles SniderThe Man in the Chair
Richard SniderThe Bootblack
[?] was played on MGM Broadcast No. 23, and is the property of USO Camp Shows, Inc.
"Mandy"Blackface Number
Virginia Kincaid, Pat Schuchardt, Wilda Paulsen, Betty Volponi, Alice Kruger and Betty Brenzel.
Anthony Scott and His Orchestra--- 
"Tuxedo Junction"  "Take Is Easy"  "Johnson's Rag"
Karl Wente, Al Stevensen, Richard Saylor, Robert Albertini, Glenn Crist, and Danny Sachau, Soloist.
"Pretty Baby"Boy's Dancing and Singing Chorus
Edward O'Donnell, Leroy Hall, Charles Snider, Bob Kastner, Karl Wente, Ernie Ibarolle, Robert Albertini and Robert Milloglav.
"The Lazy Y"Western Orchestra
"There's a Gold Mine in the Sky"  "Leaning On the Old Top Rail"  "Roll Along Prairie Moon"
SchottescheWestern Dancers
AccordionistShirley Nevin
"My Little Buckaroo"Danny Sachau
AccompanistMervin Freydendahl
"O Susanna," Square Dance,Western Dancers
AccordionistShirley Nevin
CallerHelen Lea Sutter
"El Rancho Grande"Spanish Singers
"La Golondrina"Mervin Freydendalh with his electric guitar
"Chiapanecas"Mexican Dancers
Finale---"El Rancho Grande"Entire Cast
Western Orchestra
Mervin Frydendal, Electric Guitar; Sam Buranis, Guitar; Danny Sachau, Piano; Anthony Scott, Saxophone.
Western Dancers
Lorene Andersen and Ernie Ibarolle; Carol Lyons and Charles Snider; Martha Jensen and Karl Wente; Margaret Whalen and Ed O'Donnell; Betty Twohey and Bob Kastner; Dolores Cerruti and Bob Milloglav; Anne Suits and Le Roy Hall.
Mexican Dancers
Geraldine Rochin, Noel Johnson, Darleen Beard, Marguerite Gourdon, Veronica Rochin, Dorothy Brown, Ruth Jason, Balbina Androws, Dorothy George, Dorothy De Paoli, Phyllis Keene and Jean Sanders
Mistress of CeremoniesVirginia Kincaid
Stage ManagerIsabel Bonne
CostumesDomestic Workshop
 In Charge, Alice Silva, Isabelle Malloni and Shirley Gildersleeve.
Make-UpMiss Nissen and Pat Schuchardt
PromptersAlice Silva, Phyllis Keene and Shirley Brooks
Curtain Scenery
Mrs Holmes and Freshman Art Students Marilyn Holm, Marilyn Culford, Leona Fehrenback, Noel Johnson, Marguerite Gourdon, Nancy Henry and Barbara Livermore
LightingStage Crew
Band DirectorMr John Bedynek
Bernice Bettencourt, Chairman, Barbara Maciel, Betty Jordan, Zita Fehrenback, Mary Perkins and Elizabeth Wagoner
General DirectorMrs. T. Arthur Crowley


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