A Capella choir, Livermore High School, 1973-1974

Group picture
Front row (left to right): 1. Jim Heiner, 2. Debbie Nethercott, 3. Richard Via, 4. P. Kruse, 5. L Bayles, 6. Billy Hunt, 7. J. Bugas, 8. J. Myers, 9. K. Gates, 10. Janie Floyd.
Second row: 1. J. Ratcliffe, 2. David Simons, 3. R. Bothwell, 4. Ruth Kelley, 5. Jim Francis, 6. E. Heusinkveld, 7. Mike Judd, 8. K. DeGrazia, 9. Lynn Updike.
Third row: 1. Gael Schafer, 2. L. Daily, 3. S. Simerman, 4. D. Hansen, 5. L. Canary, 6. S. Springer.
Fourth row: 1. D. Cousatte, 2. D. Hannon, 3. Donna Herzog, 4. M. Button, 5. S. Lindsey, 6. Nina Ofiesh, 7. K. Colvin, 8. D. Powell, 9. J. Pane.
Fifth row: 1. Jim Doggett, 2. D. Jenkins, 3. S. Hutchin, 4. J. Faurado, 5. Curt Grayson.
Sixth row: 1. Stephanie Fullmer, 2. Kevin Duffus, 3. D. Benton, 4. J. Rock.
Seventh row: 1. C. Bledsoe, 2. J. Essex, 3. Jeff Benton, 4. R. Lewis, 5. Rich Jacobson, 6. W. Walker, 7. T. Jenkins.
Some members on the roof
Left to right: 1. Mike Judd, 2. Laurie Daily, 3. Jeanette Payne, 4.  Debbie Cousatte, 5. Rich Via, 6. Debbie Hannon, 7. Teresa Hansen, 8. Debbie Nethercott, 9. Bob Schrader, 10. Ruth Kelly.
Credits: Scanned from the 1974 yearbook by Kathy Blackwell.


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